Monday, March 10, 2008

2nd Quater Experience

Blogging this quarter was a little wack. Considering I didn't really start blogging until after half way through the quarter. From what blogs I did write i believed it to be a pretty good experience. It wasn't as bad as i thought it was. Once i started getting into it with some of my blogs knowing I was in control of writing whatever came to my head about my topic. Although I didn't agree with doing all this blogger stuff because it was all new to me and I guess I was just ignorant and didn't realize how important it was to write all these dumb paragraphs. I am pretty ashamed of my effort in school this quarter. The way I feel about it is probably the way my brother felt back in the day when he flunked out of college after his first semester. From his experience it is even worst for me knowing that I am going through the same stuff that I should have learned from him not to do in my life. I feel that screwing up and having all these emotions of failure and regret is helping me to understand what I really need to do in my life and helping me to grow up and now i am learning from my mistakes. What I have learned this quarter is that it is amazing how many things a person says they are going to do and then not doing any of those things. That was me! Going home every night pumped to do some homeowork then sit down on the couch just staring at my computer unitl I would fall asleep. What is the worst is going to college the same time as my sister who is, let me tell you; a lot to look up to! When she hears how I am doing in school, the bitching is seriously worst coming from her than my parents. I wish I could have the school work ethic that she has receiving straight A's and being on the Dean's list every semester. It seriously sucks being the under dog. I wish I had tried as hard on these blogs as Tim had but its in the past and there's nothing that i can do about it now, but if there is something i can do totally let me know. Considering I didn't do very much work I know that I am most likely going to have to take this class again but either way i enjoyed being in class with you Derek and I promise to try a lot harder next time. Take it easy and keep it real bub.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Guest Blogging Experiment

Speaking, reading, writing, blogging, and e-mailing use and express all different types of styles. Not everyone expresses the same styles as others in their writing. Some try to use bigger more sophisticated wording to try to display a much more educated background. Others on the other hand have trouble spelling even simple words. Bloggers also use other methods of writing like expressing a bunch of facts on a subject. They also write to keep the attention of all the readers who might encounter their writing.

It doesn't quite mean anything to me to have this post on my blog.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Practical Joking in the workplace

I don't know what goes on in other restaurants and businesses, but at "the great little seafood place" a.k.a. Captain D's, all of the "characters" that worked there couldn't go a day without making someone else miserable for their amusement. Those "characters" were also known for making some people miserable more than once a shift; sometimes turning their whole shift into an evil array of practical jokes. The main jokster at work was always my good buddy Aaron. He was on top of getting everyone in Captain D's at least damp by the end of each night. on the other hand he was always on top of getting me dripping wet. His usual methods was catching me walking back into the building from a smoke brake and using the old cup full of water tied with a string which was taped to the door trick waiting on me to push open the door to get a nice unexpected cold shower. I didn't quite enjoy those showers so i quickly caught on to the trick and sometimes performed it myself as pay back for what whoever had done to me. Another type of prank which was one of the more frusterating pranks was the old ice in the filter machine then putting the filter machine into the freezer trick. This trick of all the tricks pissed me off the most. Considering i was basically the only person who ever cleaned the filter machine and the fact that a room temperature filter machine isn't fun let alone easy to clean and that trick sure made the job ten times worst. Having to use all your strength to scrape the frozen shortening from the bottom of a grease tub. Believe me it sucks! I would tell all you folks about some other scandallas tricks that had been performed at Captain D's but my 250 words are up. Sorry! Gone. Pooffffff!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Job

You know that feeling when you just get a new job and you know none of the employees except for the general manager and you're a little nervous? The feeling of being an outcast walking around in the back were only employees can be. Seeing all the other employees working doing their jobs and often glancing over at you to see who the new guy or girl is on the team. Making there new first judgements on the new person who they would have to interact and get along with while they are working together. For me at my first job it was pretty simple for me to get along without fear of the people because everyone around there was excepting and very kind and polite trying to make me feel as much like home as possible. That was probably the reason why i enjoyed working as much as i did even though it was a greasy ass seafood restaurant. It was the people that were around that kept me around because it certainly wasn't the pay keeping me there. Although i had just started $5.65 an hour wasn't very good for doing the amount of work required for the job. Having to deal with a deep fryer always accidentally burning myself. Also having to go to the back sink and seeing the most massive stack of dishes i have ever seen knowing that i was the one who had to clean them. Working has its high points but it most definitely has its low points as well.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Captain D's

I had started my first real job in 2006 at a little seafood place called Captain D’s on 21st Street. The job wasn’t as bad as I suspected. I was making new friends who were my coworkers and managers and having laughs to pass the time while we were running a business making money. At first it took me a little while to get everything that I needed to know down but after a week or so I was running at the same pace as those who had been doing the work for a few years.

In the restaurant I was a cook/prep which meant that if I wasn’t busy cooking customers’ food I was supposed to be prepping for new customers or for days to come. Later on each night while working there I would have to clean all of the trays and pans used during the day, which wasn’t a very fun job, especially scrubbing the hard, dry macaroni and cheese off the walls of some pans. After dishes were done I would break out fish from the freezer to place on a rack in the cooler to thaw the fish needed for the next day. Once that task was taken care of I would gather up all of the broken down boxes from that day as well as the trash from all the kitchen trash cans and take all of it out to the dumpster. After doing that I usually smoked a cigarette as routine from being stressed from the work and to relax a bit which happened quite often most nights that I worked.

There were two employees in the kitchen with me that weren’t managers and from which I basically learned how to do everything. Their names were Nigel and Aaron. The two of them were quite a bit older than me but they still touch me under their wing and made a damn good seafood cook out of me.

From Aaron and Nigel taking me in under their wing caused me much grief because throughout the rest of the time that they worked there they used me for their fun at work by playing tricks on me basically everyday. The tricks started off by telling me to go back to the stock room and grab them a “can of steam for the bean warmer”. Yeah pretty ridiculous ay but I caught onto that one pretty quick but since them getting me with it I ended up getting a lot of later employees with that trick. Aaron was very good at making me mad at least once a day each and everyday that I worked. For example when I would go out to smoke he would be inside setting up a cup of water just inside the employee door rigging it up so that once I came back in and pushed open the door I would get a big cup of water all down my body.

I learned a lot from Aaron and Nigel’s tricks. I will have to say though that I still owe Aaron to this day for one of his tricks that he pulled on me. That trick consisted of talking one of the hot counter girls named Toshia to come back into the kitchen and stand there with her back to me and shake her nice fat ass in my face while Aaron would come up behind me with a three gallon bucket of water and just drench me. From that I can say that I still owe him for the water but I actually thanked him for the gesture from the counter girl which was quite a nice sight if I had ever seen one.

After working with the two of them for a little over a year they both quit from the place and left me as the best cook Captain D’s had which in a way sucked for me because I covered both of their missing shifts. I can honestly say that I wasted a whole summer in that place busting my ass for pennies. I say “pennies” because working 90 hours every two weeks for a pay of $5.65 per hour was basically working for pennies.

As I watched more and more people come and go from Captain D’s I just kept questioning myself why am I still here? I ended up getting a few of my friend’s jobs and they ended up quitting before I did. After two years of working at Captain D’s I went from a starting pay of $5.65 to an ending pay of $7.00 an hour and I basically said you guys suck and I no longer want to be a part of this place. From the time that I spent at that restaurant I had some of my best days and some of my worst days and I think I learned a lot about life from being there. So working at the mighty Captain D’s wasn’t a complete waste or at least I like to think it wasn‘t.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Flaws in the workplace

Let me tell you guys never work in the kitchen of a seafood restaurant if you can avoid it. Sure it starts off being a blast getting to know all of the employees and making friends with them who you're going to be working with for a while or until either you or they quit depending on who valued the job more. Well I was the one out of most of the people that valued the job more at Captain D's than my other co-workers who didn't quite last too long.

I believed that the job wasn't hard and it was actually fun working with the people that I was around all the time. So i just thought those who couldn't tough it out, get along with everyone, and do their job to make business move smoothly that they were basically worthless in the workplace. People who always just like to complain all the time just to make everyone elses job harder and more frusterating


Friday, January 4, 2008

Blog Possibilities

I could blog about ballin on nerds on the basketball court. I could blog about my mom being crazy. I could blog about what pisses me off most about my friends. I could blog about how badly i need a job. I could blog about all the reasons why my car pisses me off. I could blog plenty about how and why bitches are bitches. I could blog about how amazing and perfect my big sister is. I could blog about how much becky looks like this chick i know named sarah. I can also blog about how rediculous my dad can get. There are a lot of things that i could blog about.
I think readers should read my blog because it would be a way to get a couple good laughs and to understand some stuff in my life and maybe somebody could learn something but im not promising anything.